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This is the new gun culture

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Imagine a social network that doesn’t gun shame you every time you post

A social media platform that offers firearms training from the industry’s most highly respected instructors – plus a number of performance tracking tools tailor made to empower gun owners at every experience level.

Imagine a social network that doesn’t gun shame you every time you post
Smartphone screen showcasing the 'Events and Classes' section of the LiveFire app. The interface displays thumbnails of upcoming events such as a 'USPSA Match' and 'Concealed Pistol Level II' with details like date, time, and hosts. A detailed view of the Concealed Pistol event shows an instructor speaking to attendees, with options to indicate attendance, and a QR code for easy check-in. Additional event information, including the number of attendees and interest shown, is visible

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Discover and host events, competitions, and classes

Community Members

Find, follow, and train with coaches and instructors

Find, follow, and train with coaches and instructors
Smartphone displaying the 'Brands & Organizations' section of the LiveFire app with a list of verified brands like CoolFire Trainer and SIRT. In focus are detailed profiles for CoolFire Trainer and SIRT, both marked as verified brands, with descriptions about their products and direct links to shop and follow. Accompanying are images of the products in use: a person aiming a CoolFire training device and a SIRT training pistol with diagnostic features. User reviews and social engagement metrics are displayed below the product details.

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Connect with your favorite brands, and stay up-to-date with organizations

Eventually censorship becomes silence.

We’re not saying you have to abandon mainstream social media. We’re just saying we’ll be here when they decide to abandon you.

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Go beyond browsing the feed. Train alongside others dedicated not only to empowering themselves, but empowering this community as a whole.

An angled view of a smartphone showcasing the 'Training' tab in the LiveFire app. The screen displays 'Featured Courses' with a highlight on 'Defensive Handgun Fundamentals.' Below are thumbnails for 'Popular Drills' with various training scenarios. A separate overlaid section shows a bright yellow par timer with large numbers indicating '2.75 seconds remaining' and additional settings for 'Start Delay,' 'Reset Time,' and 'Repetitions.' This interface blends course selection with real-time training tools.


On-demand training for shooters at every experience level


More than just content. Run the drills, use the timer, log your results, and track your progress.

More than just content. Run the drills, use the timer, log your results, and track your progress.
Smartphone displaying the 'Training' section of the LiveFire app, showcasing its personalized program building capabilities. Featured courses include 'Intro to Home Defense with a Handgun' by a verified instructor, with options to view a course overview and related resources. Below, popular drills such as 'Bilateral Stationary Mount' and 'Stationary Transition' are listed with thumbnails of instructors demonstrating the exercises. An expanded course detail card for 'Intro to Home Defense with a Handgun' provides a brief description, instructor information, and a 'Run the Drill' call-to-action button, highlighting the app's interactive content streaming and user engagement functionality.


Build your own training programs with a drill builder, course creator and content streams

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How do you create, foster and manage a community of thousands without the very social network you’re using being your biggest blocker?

Versatile enough to be the place where a few buddies from college still train together, or the place where global organizations manage their members, events, training and communication.

While mainstream social media increasingly sidelines the 2A community, causing a widening gap in the industry, we’re stepping in to bridge it. This disconnect between instructors and students, influencers and followers, brands and customers, and organizations and their members has led to plummeting engagement rates and restrictive content policies. But that’s about to change.

Welcome to LiveFire Groups — your new stronghold. Here, you’re free to build your brand, merge drills with videos and courses, and host events both virtually and in person. It’s a place where your audience doesn’t just put up with your content – they’re hungry for it. LiveFire Groups isn’t just another platform; it’s a community designed with you at the forefront. This is where you belong, and we’re making sure of that.

Event management. Customer management. Content management. Resource management.

LiveFire™ Groups is the ultimate customer engagement tool. If you’re an Instructor, a Brand, or an Organization this is where your captive audience should live. You can create a Group as a free Community Member. Simply upgrade to an Alliance™ Member to manage Training Content, Streams, Paid Events, and more.

Contact our dedicated Groups team to learn more about automated account creation, bulk account discounts, content migration, and more.

Our mission is to be an extension of every Instructor, Brand and Organization – to be the global network that connects the entire industry.